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A strategic initiative was identified by African Bank to create an integrated network of Tracing Agents (Tracers) with a direct relationship to African Bank, to support collections. The main focus was to not only assist African Bank in physically locating clients and offering several options to make suitable payment arrangements, but also assist African Bank in educating clients in relation to their rights and financial obligations.

In 2006 an operational tool, ABTrace, was developed by African Bank’s Tracing Department in conjunction with Lawyers Access Web (“L@W”) for the sole use of African Bank and its panel of Tracers. This web-based application was created to assist African Bank with the management of its Tracers and in particular, to act as a communication tool between Tracers and African Bank. The ABTrace application provides the functionality for prospective Tracers to register and apply online, for the Bank to furnish Tracers with instructions at the click of a button and to monitor progress in completing and submitting instructions. ABTrace is an African Bank initiative, proprietary to African Bank and the full application is only available to African Bank and its approved Tracers.

African Bank prides itself as adhering to the Law and in particular only appoints Tracers who are registered as Debt Collectors with the Council of Debt Collectors as prescribed in the Debt Collectors Act, Act 114 of 1998 (“Act”). Although none of the Tracers on our panel are allowed to collect any payments from African Bank clients, we do require that all Tracers are registered as aforementioned and strictly adhere to both the Act and Code of Conduct promulgated in terms of the Act. Only Tracers with a clean credit record are considered for appointment on the Tracing Panel. The Tracing Department monitors adherence to various Acts, policies and procedures through comprehensive quality processes.

If you want to apply to become a Tracing Agent on the African Bank Tracer Panel, please go to and click on “New Registration”.

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